The Power of Instagram Marketing

The Power of Instagram Marketing

What’s the appeal of Instagram? First, ask yourself: Why do you spend hours scrolling through other people’s photos? If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, you already know that social media marketing is crucial to your success. But what sets Instagram apart from the crowd, and why should you consider making it an integral part of your digital strategy?

Instagram Stats Good To Know
Instagram marketing is powerful because consumers don’t feel as if they’re being marketed to— in fact, you’ve probably experienced this yourself. Instead, the brands that most effectively use Instagram in their marketing campaigns succeed because they present compelling images of how their products or services fit into people’s lives and community.

The following figures should convince you that Instagram is worth the effort:

Instagram is especially popular with millennials and post-millennials, with 68% of Instagram users between 13 and 24 stating that they use it regularly to interact with brands.
It’s estimated that two thirds of all millennial smartphone users will have Instagram by 2019.
Instagram has more than 400 million active users and has a user base that is growing faster than other social media platforms.
There are 300 million daily active users on Instagram, and 20% of all internet users have Instagram.
48.8% of brands use Instagram, and this figure is predicted to rise to 70.7% by the end of this year.
The numbers make it clear that Instagram is an effective marketing tool, particularly for brands who count millennials as their primary target audience. So here’s how you can utilize Instagram to grow your business:

7 Instagram Marketing Tips to Grow Your Brand & Sales
Make your photos fit Instagram’s aesthetically pleasing platform. While Instagram now allows for portrait and landscape formats, the Instagram app will still only shoot new photos in square. Instagram also allows for higher-resolution images, so make sure to upload larger images for better detail.
Experiment to find which filters work best for you and use them consistently. Mayfair is always a safe bet and has been shown to attract, on average, the most interactions per 1,000 followers.
Learn which color and pattern compositions generate the most likes. Lighter images tend to fare better and images with a dominant color scheme see around 17% more likes.
Demonstrate how your product or services fit into people’s lifestyles by including photos that show your products out in the world. Lifestyle photos define your brand culture, and convey the feelings you want to have associated with it.
Master the art of hashtagging to attract new followers. Think about creative ways to use the most popular hashtags – such as #tbt – but first make sure that it actually benefits your brand. Free online programs like IconoSquare or Websta will help you find the most relevant hashtags.
Be sure that your bio quickly and clearly defines your brand. Include a link that will direct traffic back to your website or promote your latest success story.
Don’t be afraid to get help from the experts. Check out the Instagram freelancers for hire on Fiverr and let them manage your Instagram marketing needs. They can also help you find Instagram influencers and brand ambassadors who can grow your Instagram following exponentially.
Remember that Instagram is first and foremost a social network, so avoid the hard sell. Let your images speak to viewers (your potential consumers), and allow your curated Instagram feed to help cement their brand loyalty and guide their purchase decisions. Used effectively, Instagram will help boost your profile and drive sales.

With more than 50% of social network users poised to be on Instagram by the end of this year, Instagram marketing is worth your investment.

Do you have a success story about using Instagram marketing, or tips for improving your Instagram profile? Tell us in the comments below!

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